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Visiting Sydney and the surrounding area

Sydney is the number one city to visit in Australia for many visitors and tourists, as it is a vibrant and friendly city. 
Rich in adventure, it's just a short drive to Sydney's famous beaches such as Bondi Beach and Manly. Sydney is a unique city in the world with a great lifestyle and beautiful scenery.

Vivid Sydney

What to do in Sydney ?

Spend time at the Sydney Opera House

Go behind the scenes of the Sydney Opera House, an architectural wonder.
Dine in a world-class restaurant, watch a spectacular show and discover one of Australia's most famous and iconic landmarks. If you get the chance, check out the Vivid Festival, a must-see sound and light event held every May.

Harbour bridge

Climb the Sydney Harbour Bridge 

If you like thrilling activities, climbing the Harbour Bridge is for you!
Sydney's iconic bridge, the Harbour Bridge offers a breathtaking view of Sydney Harbour. Enjoy the magic of the sunset or watch the city come alive at dawn. Climb the bridge with trained professionals for an unforgettable experience.
Leave with a lifetime of memories...

Sydney Surf Friends Fun Sable Plage

Sydney's best beaches 

Whether it's surfing on the famous Bondi Beach or finding secluded spots to paddle on calmer waters, you'll be spoilt for choice with Sydney's beautiful beaches. Manly, Avalon, Palm Beach or even Gordons Bay will welcome you to enjoy a day at the beach. Enjoy the sea and the sun without moderation, but don’t forget your sunscreen!

➜ Discover the most beautiful beaches in Sydney

Sydney Blue Mountains Vue Paysage Randonnée

Discover the beauty of the Blue Mountains...

Captivating villages, towering rock formations, breathtaking views and 100-year-old forests await you less than two hours from Sydney. 
Take time to enjoy the panoramic views from the Blue Mountains. Enjoy a hike and take in the peaceful, grand surroundings.
Marvel at the streams, waterfalls and wooded valleys on one of the many safe walking trails.


Grotte Aborigènes Culture Histoire Australie

Meet the Aboriginal people

While in Sydney, be sure to meet Australia's Aboriginal people. 
Delve into Aboriginal myths and discover the benefits of the different plants used as medicines. Discover the world's most ancient living culture with a guided tour of Australia's first galleries in the Australian Museum, in the heart of Sydney.
Learn about the Aboriginal culture and lifestyle.

Practical information

Coming to Australia

Entry requirements in Sydney, Australia :

Need information about entry requirements in Australia?

Clink the link below:

➜ Conditions of entry and stay in Australia


Sydney map

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How to get to Sydney

Going to Sydney from Noumea

To easily reach Australia from Noumea, check out our Flight Noumea Sydney

Average flight time :

The shortest flight time from Noumea to Sydney is 3 hours and 15 minutes. This travel time may vary depending on your itinerary.

Time difference :

There is not time différence between nouméa, New Caledonia and Sydney, Australia

When to go to Sydney

When is the best time to visit Sydney? 

Located in the southern part of Australia, Sydney enjoys a mild and sunny climate all year round. Depending on what you want to do in Sydney, the best times to visit are :

  • Summer period : The best time to go to Sydney and enjoy the sun is from November to February. Temperatures average between 22-28°C and conditions will be perfect for beach time with the water temperature around 23°C.

  • Winter period : Winter can also be a great option as the temperature remains pleasant and the sun is shining. The temperature between July and August is between 11 and 13°C, perfect for walking around town and shopping.

Hotels in Sydney


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