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Traveling to Vanuatu, the capital of smiles

Need a getaway weekend to rest, discover or to try a culinary experience? Then treat yourself to a few days in Vanuatu, the Smile Archipelago, north of New Caledonia. Its capital, Port Vila, is the ideal place for you to recharge your batteries and take the time to rediscover yourself.

Volcan Tana Vanuatu Fumée

Evade to the heart of tropical forests and volcanoes 

Staying in Vanuatu is all about discovering all that nature has to offer. Hiking through unspoiled rainforests and climbing the Yasur volcano, the diverse landscape never ceases to amaze you. 

Surrounded by water, the beaches are just waiting for you to take a nap under the palm trees. There is always an opportunity to relax, while time passes you by. Most of the tourist establishments offer quality services. If water sports are your thing, then take a snorkel in the sea or out in an inlet. Other water sports you can do are jet skiing, kayaking, flyboard just to name a few.  

Port Vila Marché Légumes Fruits

Enjoy a getaway in Port Vila

Port Vila, located on the island of Efate, is the economic and commercial centre in Vanuatu. . Every day, except Sunday, Port Vila Market gives you a first taste of the local gastronomy. You are guaranteed a warm welcome when you visit the market. You can try their Laplap, a national dish made from yam root, taro or kava, this root has a relaxing effect. 

For lovers of French and Asian cuisine, Vanuatu is a destination of choice. Seafood and fresh products are the prerequisite for every self-respecting restaurant in Port Vila. After a good lunch, enjoy a trip to the Mele waterfalls. An exceptional setting for a pleasant swim in surprisingly emerald green water.

Rivière Piscine Naturelle Vanuatu

Places to visit in Vanuatu

The Mele Waterfalls

The Mele Cascade Waterfalls are beautiful and breathtaking. The route taking you there is completely safe. It’s a refreshing walk through the heart of the forest.  You can enjoy a dip there, so remember to bring your swimsuit with you.  

Volcan Tan VANUATU Flammes Lave

Yasur Volcano

Why not get up close and personal with one of the most active volcanoes on the planet and visit Mount Yasur on Tanna Island? The ascent of the volcano is driven by your local driver, arranged by the organized tour, usually a 4WD. It takes approximately one and a half hours from White Grass Airport and approximately one hour and fifteen minutes from Lenakel to reach the starting area of the volcano hike.

Activities to do in Vanuatu

Dive on the wreck of the SS President Coolidge

A relic of World War II, the SS President Coolidge is a world-renowned scuba diving site, especially for its state of preservation. It still allows you to visit the many aspects of this preserved relic today. 

The Vanuatu Jungle Zipline

Want to experience a bit of adrenaline? The Vanuatu Jungle Zipline is a tree climbing park in the heart of the forest. There are two departures everyday,  scheduled at the Nambawan Café. Children from 4 years old and the less enthusiastic are welcome on the course. The site has a pleasant trail in the gardens or take  or a Segway ride. On the course, you can see astounding views over Mele Bay and the reef. 

Ambrym Case Nature Famille

Attend the traditional and spectacular Gaul jumping ceremony.

Every year, the people of Vanuatu hold an impressive Gaul Jumping Ceremony. It involves men launching themselves from the top of a wooden tower several meters high attached by a vine to their feet, a precursor to bungee jumping. A spectacular event not to be missed. 

Practical information

Coming to Vanuatu

Entry requirements in Vanuatu:

Need information about entry requirements to Vanuatu?

Check out the link below:

Vanuatu entry requirements

Map of Vanuatu


How to get to Vanuatu

Flying to Vanuatu from Noumea

It is easy to get to Vanuatu from Noumea, check our flight from Noumea to Vanuatu (Link flight page)

Average flight time: 

It takes approx 1 hour fromNoumea to Port-Vila. The travel time may vary depending on your itinerary.

Time difference: 

The time in New Caledonia and Vanuatu is the same. There is no time difference. 

When to go to Vanuatu

When is the best time to visit Vanuatu?

Depending on what you want to do in Vanuatu, the best times to visit are: 

  • Between May and September: These winter months allow you to avoid the heavy rainy season. Temperature averages around 25°C

Hotels in Vanuatu


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