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The Netherlands: A trip to Gouda country

"In the port of Amsterdam..." The Netherlands is world famous for the  song of Jacques Brel.The country has beautiful cities, such as Rotterdam, Maastricht and The Hague. Between medieval and seaside villages, fishing ports, old mills, the Wadden Islands and tulip fields, you will not know what to experience first! The Netherlands is full of treasures to show you.

Amsterdam Pont Paysage Arbre

The city of Amsterdam and the Anne Frank house

The country's capital Amsterdam is adorned with small, traditional, very tall, brick houses with colorful facades. Amsterdam also has small pedestrian streets in its historic center, which is still  very authentic, lined with vintage stores, coffee shops and friendly restaurants. The most famous place to visit first in the Netherlands is the Anne Frank house. There are also a lot of museums, which make art lovers happy: the Van Gogh museum, the Moco, or the Rijksmuseum. Don't forget to visit the Anne Frank house! Known as the Dutch Venice, Amsterdam is also famous for its canals: moreover, discovering the city by boat is particularly romantic! The capital of the Netherlands has no less than 1,300 bridges.

The Royal City of The Hague

Nicknamed the Royal City by the Sea, the City of The Hague is full of must-see discoveries for anyone who wants to visit the Netherlands. This city that borders the North Sea offers a magnificent view of the horizon. It is home to the King's working office and is known worldwide as the home of the International Court of Justice. The Hague is also a shopper's paradise, with numerous stores and luxury boutiques. Also, discover its breathtaking beautiful historical monuments. Binnenhof is located along the Hofvijver Basin, and the Noordeinde Palace is worth a visit, as is the large passageway covered with an impressive glass roof. If you like museums, head to the Mauritshuis Museum to see some great famous paintings, such as The Girl with the Pearl.

Jardin de Lisse

The tulip fields of Keukenhof

When we think of the Netherlands, we usually think of the incredible fields of colorful tulips in the  adorn postcards and computer wallpapers. If you want to see this real gem in person, spring is the time to schedule your visit to the Netherlands. Go to the municipality of Lisse, which hosts the Keukenhof Botanical Garden. However, this magnificent park is only open  two months of the year, during the tulip blooming season. You will have to reserve your seats early, because the place attracts many visitors. The tulip is a real emblem for the country. This colorful flower arrived in the Netherlands in the 16th century and has become perfectly acclimatized. The fields of Keukenhof mix several varieties of tulips, red, yellow, blue, etc. Notice to photography enthusiasts: don't forget your equipment!

The beaches of Zeeland

Head to the south of the country, to one of the must-see places to visit in the Netherlands: the beaches of Zeeland. Treat yourself to beautiful relaxed afternoons, sunbathing in the white sand, with a view of the North Sea horizon. The beaches of Zeeland are a delight for families and water sports enthusiasts alike. Located not far from the city of Antwerp, they are a delight for those who enjoy a relaxing walk and the beautiful scenery. Discover the seaside resort of Cadzand, with its little wooden huts, its restaurants near the water and its huge sandy beaches. Nearby, you can visit the medieval village of Veere. The beach of Ouddorp is also very popular with families. If you want to go water skiing in the Netherlands, go to the beaches of Brouwersdam and Domburg. You are guaranteed thrills! 

Moulins Fleures Paysage Pays Bas

The windmills of Kinderdijk

This is a real institution for those who want to visit the Netherlands. The Kinderdijk windmills have fueled legends for generations and serve as the backdrop for beautiful photos. Built in the 18th century, these windmills are located approx. 15km from the city of Dordrecht. Listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, they were once used as flood protection, keeping the polders safe from natural disasters. The nineteen windmills look like a postcard landscape. To discover them, take a trip on one of the small boats that ply the canals or rent a bicycle. You can also go on foot. Some mills can be visited and will take you back in time to the 18th century. You will see the manipulations which were carried out to manage the entries and the exits of water.

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Coming to the Netherlands

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How to get to the Netherlands

Average flight time: 

It takes approx 23 hours from Noumea to the Netherlands. The travel time may vary depending on your itinerary. Flights beyond the Aircalin network are operated by our partner airlines.

Time difference: 

It is 9 hours later in Noumea, New Caledonia than in the Netherlands.

When to go to the Netherlands

What is the best time to visit Netherlands?

The best time to visit the Netherlands is: 

  • Summer period: The most favorable months in terms of climate to visit the Netherlands are between May to September. It is during this period that the temperatures are most pleasant to visit the whole country

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