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Travel to Japan in the heart of Japanese culture

Japan is the country of temples with golden roofs, wooden structures and gardens of an unequalled refinement. Majestic Shinto shrines nestled in the greenery or Buddhist temples in the heart of the cities... the religions mixed harmoniously marking the country with a great elegance. Whether you arrive in the archipelago at Tokyo's Narita Airport or Osaka Airport, you will have the opportunity to discover all the richness of Japanese culture.


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Discover the charms of an authentic modernity

This is an archipelago that has built its culture over thousands of years. Japan is synonymous with refinement, culinary art, Asian exoticism and natural wonder. From the snowy and airy slopes of the Japanese Alps to the fascinating alleys paved with the history of Kyoto and to the modern and futuristic Tokyo. While playing with its Asian charms, that consists of  Kabuki (classic Japanese dance-drama), hanami (viewing cherry blossoms),  ryokan (traditional Japanese inn) and Onsen (hot springs). Japan promises you a bizarre and enchanting world. Discover its unusual country by booking a flight to Tokyo or a flight to Osaka.

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What to visit in Tokyo

Tokyo, the capital of the archipelago, is best visited with the heart. Here are various points of interest to visit during your stay:

Be a true Tokyoite in Shibuya!

Shibuya, the center of Japanese fashion and entertainment for Tokyoites,  remains a must-see area during your stay in Tokyo. At the exit of Shibuya station, you’ll notice mythical crossroads, the Hachiko passage, punctuated day and night by traffic lights and thousands of pedestrians.  At the same station, the famous Hachi-ko statue in homage to the dog Hachi is located. Today, this has become the only meeting place in Shibuya. You can then finish your stroll by passing through Takeshita-dori, a 400-meter pedestrian avenue that sees all of Tokyo's trendy youths flocking to its trendy stores.

Blending in with the crowd in Shinjuku

Welcome to the transportation hub of Tokyo! Part business district, part nightlife mecca, part shopping spot, Shinjuku is indeed the heart of Tokyo. Here, impressive skyscrapers, which breathe modernity, have harmoniously settled on this part of the city. Shinjuku is also known for its train station which remains the busiest in the world with more than one million passengers per day. A real giant anthill, your chances of getting lost seems very likely but not to worry, most of the directions are written in English. Why not try and experience it yourself? 

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At the gates of Tokyo: Japan by nature

If you want to get out of the city and want the nature side, venture into Japan and enjoy a trip to Mount Fuji, located approx 2 hours' drive from Tokyo. This world famous peak, notably thanks to the paintings of the painter Hokusai, is a must-see when visiting Japan. 

The ascent attracts a lot of visitors every year and the climb remains an intense ordeal to reach the 3776 meters of altitude. After the climb, go to one of the hot springs of Kawaguchiko Onsen at the foot of the mountain and participate in one of the Japanese traditions that will bring you comfort and relaxation after a day of walking.

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What to visit in Osaka

Another must-see city in Japan is Osaka, between the tradition and modernity, here are various points of interest to visit during your stay:

Dotonbori Street "Osaka's Time Square"

Renowned for being Osaka's Time Square, thanks to its gigantic illuminated signs, Dotonbori is undeniably a must-see in Osaka.  A popular street ideally located in Namba district, Dotonbori is a real tourist district that never seems to sleep. It promises shopping and entertainment in abundant stores and businesses. Don't forget to enjoy the many Japanese specialties which this area is famous for.

In the days of Shinsekai's youth

There was a time when Shinsekai symbolized the era of renewal. Established in 1912, this district is located in the south of Osaka. The neighborhood was created with a model of New York on the southern half and Paris on the northern half, to which some buildings such as the Tsutenkaku Tower, a cousin of the Eiffel Tower, bear witness. Shinsekai remains as faithful as ever to this atmosphere which is entertaining for some and peculiar for others. This place has its own curious and attractive character that will convince you of its beauty. Be sure to try Kushikatsu, a specialty of Shinsekai.

Château Osaka Cerisier Japon

The imposing and majestic Osaka Castle

Sulfurous would be the appropriate adjective to describe Osaka Castle. Built in the late 16th century, destroyed in battles and then renovated in the 1930’s, Osaka Castle has retained its Edo period charm and remains one of the features of Osaka.. Built on the top of a hill in the heart of the city's most beautiful park, enjoy a harmonious stroll and appreciate this beautifully preserved Japanese architecture. 


What to visit in Kyoto

Kyoto is  the heart of Japanese religious history and beliefs, here are the various points of interest to visit during your stay:

Fushimi Inari: temple of the goddess of rice and the torii

In Shinto, south of Kyoto, a temple dedicated to the rice goddess, Inari. It was said she was worshipped since 711. Whether it is day or night,  you can walk around this complex along a valley, meticulously marked by the Torii Path- traditional portals forming a huge corridor. Soak up the place and its relaxed yet spiritual atmosphere.

When temples embody the values of the Japanese

Kinkaki-ji Temple (also known as Golden Pavilion) has its Buddhist architecture covered with gold leaf and the beauty of this place makes Kinkaku-ji. The temple is the most dazzling building in Kyoto and it is listed as an UNESCO World Heritage Site. One walk is enough to realize the divinity of this place embodying both the purity and serenity of Japan. 


Continue your visit with the Silver Ginkaku-ji Temple, another Buddhist temple in the northeast of Kyoto whose beauty surpasses that of the Golden Pavilion. Its surrounding garden seems to place the Zen attitude at the heart of the poetry of this place.  

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Gion District: Traditional, geisha and maiko

Gion, a historical district of Kyoto, is still true to its traditions and is very popular with tourists. It is as beautiful by day as it is by night, this district is harmoniously occupied by many machiya - traditional Japanese style townhouses. It is also in Gion that you will come across Geishas, those refined and preserved ladies whose most powerful weapon is the mastery of all kinds of art. If you visit in spring or autumn, don't miss the Geisha show. A unique performance, full of song and color, that will keep your mind waltzing until the end of your stay in Japan.

Practical information

Coming to Japan

Entry requirements in Japan:

Need information about the conditions to enter Japan?

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How to get to Japan

Flying to Japan from Noumea

It is easy to go to Japan from Noumea, check out our flight Noumea to Tokyo or flight Noumea to Osaka pages.

Average flight time 

It takes less than 9 hours on a direct flight from Noumea to Tokyo. Travel time may vary depending on your itinerary. 

Time difference 

It is 2 hours later in Noumea, New Caledonia than in Tokyo, Japan.

When to go to Japan

What is the best time to visit Japan?

Japan, due to the territory stretched out in the North - South axis, it has different climates. Depending on what you want to do in Japan, the best times to go are: 

  • Spring and Autumn. These seasons have the most pleasant temperatures (the winters being very cold and the summers have a lot of rainfall). Take advantage of temperatures around 20°C and the blooming of the Japanese flora, especially the traditional Japanese cherry blossom trees, celebrated on all the archipelago.

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