Visiting these islands is a must during your stay. Far from the hustle and bustle of Grande Terre, they are an interlude in the heart of lush forests or on white sandy beaches. They will delight all visitors who enjoy many land and water activities such as hiking or diving. 

Aircalin offers you an overview of the different Loyalty Islands to help you discover their treasures. 

Lifou Kiki Beach Plage Turquoise Nature

Lifou Island, a lazy stopover with exotic flavors

Lifou, or Drehu in the local language (pronounced djéou), is the largest and most populated of the Loyalty Islands at 1150 square kilometers, the equivalent of Martinique. Discover our three-day itinerary traveling to explore the island and do not miss any of the wonders it has to offer.

Discover the Santal Bay and its turtle colony, or the turquoise waters of Easo Beach. Have a stop at the authentic Jewels of the Pacific, a set of limestone caves that you can visit with the help of a guide. 

Finish your walk by visiting the island's Vanilla Plantations. Take the opportunity to tantalize your palate with one of the island’s specialties: the local vanilla crème brûlée. 

Discover our 3-day itinerary on Lifou Island.

Ouvéa-Paysage d'Ouvéa

Ouvea, a UNESCO-listed paradise between sky and sea

In its thin strip of land that connects the northern and southern parts, the morphology of Ouvea Island is recognizable among all the Pacific atolls. 

From Mouli beach, enjoy the view of the emerald water and meet the marine fauna, rays, turtles and other marine life occupying there..

Dive to the Taurus pass or the Shark pass to discover other pelagic species, notably the lemon sharks that come to give birth in these calm waters once a year. 

Arrange a guide on a trek to meet the Ouvea parakeet, a protected species, before discovering the secrets of the blue hole of Hanawa. 

Discover our 3-day itinerary on Ouvea Island.

Maré Terrasses Shabadran Plage Turquoise

Mare, "the island that speaks to your heart"

When arriving on the island of Mare, let yourself be guided by the rhythm of the traditional New Caledonian life.  Take a stroll at the Tadine market and try the local dishes. If you want to experience the New Caledonia culture, visit the Yeiwéné Yeiwéné Cultural Center, it has a year-round exhibitions of traditional Kanak art and culture.

Discover its landscape of steep cliffs and fine sandy coves. Relax for an afternoon on Wabao beach or Pede beach, one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. 

Put on your flippers and diving mask to dive amongst the multicolored fish in the natural aquarium of Mare. Finish your trip by tasting the local avocado production, known worldwide for its quality.


Discover our 3-day itinerary on the Island of Mare.

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