Your baggage allowance indicates the number of bags that you can transport in the hold at no extra charge. The authorised allowance is indicated on your e-ticket or travel document by the code 1PC (1 piece) or 2PC (2 pieces). There are 2 types of allowance according to the destination you are travelling to:

  • The allowance for the number of baggage items (ex: note "2PC" on e-ticket: 2 baggage items of 23kg each)
  • An allowance for the weight of all baggage items (ex: note "23" on the e-ticket: 23 kg of total baggage)

Refer to the table below to see which allowance applies to your trip, if you are flying with an Aircalin ticket only:


Route Between Noumea, Port Vila and Wallis Between Noumea and Brisbane, Melbourne, Nadi, Sydney, Papeete, Singapore, Tokyo and Auckland

Between Noumea and France (Air-France only)

Between Noumea and Isle of Pines, Lifou, Mare and Ouvea

Other routes & partners
Number per person - 1 baggage item 1 or 2 baggage items 1 baggage item Please refer to your e-ticket
Weight A total of 23kg of baggage 23kg maximum

23 kg each maximum

(according to the fare agreement)

12kg or 20kg

(according to travel class)

Dimension height + width + depth = 158 cm height + width + depth = 158 cm height + width + depth = 158 cm 30 x 70 x 50 cm



Route Between Noumea et Wallis Between Noumea and Brisbane, Melbourne, Nadi, Sydney, Papeete, Singapore, Tokyo and Auckland

Between Noumea and France (Air-France only)

Other routes & partners

Number per person - 2 baggage items 1 or 2 baggage items Please refer to your e-ticket
Weight A total of 30kg of baggage 23 kg each

23 kg each

(according to the fare agreement)

Dimension height + width + depth = 158 cm height + width + depth = 158 cm height + width + depth = 158 cm



Route Between Noumea and Sydney, Papeete, Singapore and Tokyo

Between Noumea and France (Air-France only)

Other routes & partners

Nombre par personne 2 baggage items 2 baggage items Please refer to your e-ticket
Poids 23 kg each 32 kg each
Dimension height + width + depth = 158 cm height + width + depth = 158 cm



On all booking classes, infant (-2 years old) are allowed one piece of baggage weighing 10 kg + a cradle, pushchair or babyseat.


For onward travel on the Aircalin network, the baggage policy of the carrier operating the longest flight will apply. Please refer to your e-ticket.


Bring all you need by booking an Extra Baggage. The prepaid excess is not available on flights operated by our partners.

Sport equipements

.  The following regulations apply to direct Aircalin-operated flights. If your trip includes flights operated by other airline companies, please refer to their baggage regulations

On Aircalin-operated flights and for Aircalin passengers only, you have the right to one supplementary baggage item of 23kg offered per passenger for the following sports equipment:

  • Scuba equipment*
  • Golfing equipment (a bag)
  • Surfboard, kite surfing and windsurfing boards*
  • Bicycles*
  • Hunting equipment, hunt and sport guns and ammunition*
  • Fishing equipment (2 rods, 1 reel, 1 landing net)
  • Snow ski / Snowboard and Water ski equipment
  • Horse riding equipment
  • Any other sports equipment upon presentation of a sport license relating to the equipment transported

*See below for more information

  • See that your equipment is well packed and that the addition of the three dimensions of the baggage is less than 3m.
  • For windsurfs / surfboards / paddle boards the maximum length is 3m.
  • Request must be done at least 48H before departure
  • In case of excess baggage on this allowance, a levy is applied. See tariffs.
  • The additional allowance for sports equipment only apply to Aircalin passengers travelling on direct Aircalin-operated flights.
  • Except on Fiji, Wallis and Port-Vila routes where the additional allowance for sport equipment is 10 kg.

Scuba equipement

You can check in the following items on Aircalin operated services:

  • face mask
  • fins (pair)
  • harness
  • pressure gauge
  • regulator
  • safety vest
  • snorkel
  • tank
  • weight belt

The bottles of compressed air must be empty and regulator tap open. This equipment is accepted exclusively in the hold. The bottles of pure oxygen are prohibited.

The torches of scuba diving are accepted on condition that the batteries or batteries have been withdrawn, this in order to avoid any risk of accidental ignition of the lamp.

The acceptance of this baggage is made only after verification and agreement of Load Control Service or Supervisor of the flight in completing the Aircalin Transportation approval for Dangerous goods.


Acceptance as checked baggage but with: 

  • The pedals dismounted or ski lifts to the interior, 
  • The tires slightly deflated, 
  • The handlebar parallel to the frame. 
  • The whole of the projecting parts protected by a strong packaging.

The small cartridges of non-inflammable gas (containing carbon dioxide or any other gas belonging to division 2.2 of the IATA regulations without subsidiary risk) to inflate tyres, are authorised up to 4 per person on the condition that the water capacity of each cartridge does not exceed 50mL.


In the case of carbon dioxide, a gas cartridge with a water capacity of 50 mL is equivalent to a cartridge of 28g.

Surfing, kitesurf and windsurf

The board with a length >250 cm and <300cm can be accepted with prior agreement and depending of the procedures of local safety of each stopover (departure, arrival, correspondence). The passengers are invited to contact their Aircalin local agent before departure.

Hunting equipement, guns and ammunition

Request must be done at least 48H before departure. Sports or hunting guns and their corresponding small calibre ammunition may be transported on Aircalin flights, on the condition that the following regulations are respected:

  • Description

The authorised ammunition are cartridges for sports and hunting guns of Division 1.4S,  UN0012 and UN0014 and are for use with guns of a calibre equal to, or less than 19.1mm. The ammunition are to be used in guns of a calibre equal to or less than 19.1 mm. The ammunition is reserved for personal use. Explosive or inflammable projectile ammunitions are excluded.

  • Quantity and weight

The gross maximum weight of the authorised ammunition (including packaging) is 5 kilos per passenger and per package.

  • Packaging / Type of baggage

The ammunition must be packed in its original packaging or any other suitable packaging, which is a packaging in which the ammunition is packed in tightly without any spaces left; or, if it remains, it must be filled with filler material to stop the cartridges moving.
Carriage in bulk of cartridges in a container is not permitted.
Firearms must be unloaded, without ammunition and with the safety catch engaged. They must be properly packed in a dedicated case.
The case or the bag must not contain anything identifying its contents (Tag, « Explosives », ...) 
The weapons and/or the ammunition must be placed in checked baggage, they are strictly forbidden from being carried in the cabin.
The weapons and ammunition can be carried in the same baggage item on the condition that they are packed separately. 

  • Check-in

The weapons and ammunition must be declared during check-in and will be subject to the acceptance of Aircalin on the Aircalin operated flights. The sole responsibility rests with the passenger wishing to transit or enter a country with weapons and/or ammunition to ensure he has the authorisation required by the government of that country.

  • Note

Ammunition of a caliber greater than 19.1 mm or other than those already mentioned above, or quantities of ammunition greater than 5 kg gross per passenger or per package, will not be accepted in passenger baggage and must be carried as cargo.

Taking into account the Company’s duties to the authorities of the different countries it serves, passengers wishing to carry firearms and/or ammunition must inform Aircalin when they book their ticket and at least two working days before the departure date

  • For example

For New Caledonia, authorisations for the carriage of firearms (import, temporary or definitive export) are issued by the French High Commission.

For flights to and from Fiji or transiting through Fiji, the carriage of ammunition requires a prior authorisation from the local authorities.

Refer to the list of conditionally authorised and forbidden products on the « The list of dangerous items »

  • WARNING: camping stoves, as with mixed butane/propane bottles, propane and inflammable liquids, are forbidden in cabin and checked baggage.
  • Water-skiiing or skiing equipment (a pair of shoes, skis and poles)


For your own safety, the international regulatory authorities have banned and restricted the carriage of certain dangerous items. The information below applies to Aircalin operated flights operated only. If your flight is operated by an Aircalin partner company, you should check the information with the company operating the flight.  

Fight against trafficking in protected species

As a signatory of the Buckingham Declaration against the illegal transport of protected species, Aircalin reminds passengers that it is forbidden to transport any plant or animal species in checked baggage without a CITES permit or appropriate certificates.

➜ Find out more about the regulations

Regulated dangerous items

Check The list of dangerous items to see which items are authorised and which need to be declared at the airport.

Completely forbidden items

  • Fuses
  • Detonator and detonating cords
  • Mines, grenades and other military explosives
  • Smoke bombs and cartridges
  • Dynamite, powder and plastic explosives
  • Briefcase with alarm system
  • Electrical weapons such as tasers
  • Stunning weapons such as pepper spray and tear gas
  • Gas such as a camping stove, gas bottles
  • Corrosives such as mercury, electrolyte batteries, stripper, bleach, chlorine
  • Explosives such as fireworks, flares, bangers, firecrackers
  • Conbustible liquids such as petrol, paint, lacquer, varnish, thinner, solvent, acetone
  • Combustible solids such as matches
  • Oxydising substances such as bleaching powders
  • Chemical products, fertiliser, herbicides, pesticides, insecticides
  • Toxic and infectious materials
  • Radioactive material
  • Magnetic materials
  • Car shock absorber

Special case: Lithium Batteries

Lithium cells or batteries contained in computers and mobile phones, tablets, cameras and other portable electronic devices are considered as dangerous items according to international regulations when they are transported without any special precautions

Carriage of damaged, defective or recalled battery or device in not authorized in passengers baggage.

However, if a damaged, defective or recalled battery or device have been carried by inadvertence on board an aircraft, make sure to :

  • keep the battery or device turned off
  • protect it from accidental activation (also disabling any features that may turn it on)
  • keep it on the person  
  • not charge it at any time

When a device is damaged, hot, produces smoke, is lost, or falls into the seat structure immediately inform the cabin crew

Electronic cigarettes

Electronic cigarettes, including electronic cigars and other personal vaporisers containing lithium batteries are forbidden in passengers’ checked baggage. They must be kept on your person or in the cabin baggage. You are not permitted to recharge the devices on board the aircraft.

Camping equipment

Camping stove gas bottles, as well as butane/propane mixed bottles, bottles of propane and inflammable liquids, are prohibited in cabin and checked baggage.

Aircalin restrictions

Internal combustion engines or fuel cell engines including devices such as strimmers, chainsaws, hedge-cutters, lawn mowers, etc., transported separately or as part of the machine or any other devices, whether they have been used or new, are not authorised in Aircalin checked baggage.

Carriage of self balancing devices powered by lithium batteries as per Hoverboards, Airboards, Oxboards, E-skateboards, Waveboards, U-runners, etc. is totally forbidden on passengers and crew members  carry-on and checked-baggage  on all Aircalin network.